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What You Should Know About Professional Mulching

Two Kinds of Mulch You Should Know About

Starting with the soil in which your plants are grown is the first step toward creating a stunning, lush landscape. Mulching protects the soil to keep it in top condition, making it a crucial component in the recipe for a healthy garden. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, mulch shields soil from harsh weather, prevents weeds, holds onto moisture, and shields delicate seedlings. Although most can get by with the typical DIY approach, you should also learn about professional mulching. In this article, we’ll talk about the two kinds of mulch pros use, which are organic and inorganic mulches.

Organic Mulches

The most frequently used mulches are those made of organic materials. These could be wood chips, bark, or nuggets. Wood mulch is dried and sporadically dyed to satisfy the aesthetic demands of various customers. To improve the appearance of your soil but do not need to improve the nutrients, use freshly applied wood mulch that has not yet begun to decompose or use wood mulch that is partially decomposed. However, younger mulch will need more time than older mulch before it begins to decompose and improve the soil.

Inorganic Mulches

Professionals frequently use landscape fabric as a type of inorganic mulch to kill weeds or warm the soil around crops. This material prevents water from passing through, killing weeds, but it requires an irrigation system if used to insulate crops. You should swap out your landscape fabric every year to ensure that it continues to be water-resistant. To keep stone or other inorganic mulches apart from the soil and discourage weed growth, use porous landscape fabric that does allow water permeation.

Now that you’re armed to approach professional mulching, a final tip to ensure success by applying the right amount and type to your landscape. Not sure which one to use? Work with a professional landscaper like Premium Ground Worx to make your Winchester, TN outdoors and plants better. Dial (931) 281-3093 now for an appointment.