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A Landscaping Design for the Birds

Bring in the Birds!

Why incorporate birds into your garden? Their bright colors, entertainment value, and inherent pest-control capabilities would rank highly on the list of benefits. How can you make your landscaping more bird-friendly? They require shelter, places to build nests, food, and water for their fundamental survival.

Food and Water

Plant various flowers to draw insects and provide nectar to the birds throughout the year. Use insecticides and pesticides sparingly. Water must always be available for bathing and drinking. In the winter, adding a heater to a birdbath will do wonders for drawing birds, and in the spring and summer, the sound of a fountain will also catch their interest.


Evergreens and shrubs are excellent shelter providers and are preferred by some people for protection from the elements and predators. Several birds prefer deciduous trees. The best variety of bird visitors will be attracted if you can provide diversity in your trees, shrubs, and plants. Reduce your lawn amount and replace invasive plants with native ones that are more beneficial to most species.

Nesting Sites

Dead trees provide holes and other safe sites for animal nesting. If nesting boxes are not an option, you could suggest them. The ideal placement would be five feet from the ground and sturdy enough to resist strong winds or bad weather. To deter predators like cats or squirrels, it would be even better if it were mounted on a free-standing metal pole.

All Up to You!

These are just some ideas; you do not need to implement them all to attract birds to your yard. Sometimes all it takes to increase the variety and quantity of birds you draw is a few minor adjustments or changes to your landscaping plan. Having them over can have some genuinely entrancing benefits.

If you love seeing birds or hearing them sing during your leisure time, Premium Ground Worx can help you get that landscape that can accommodate our feathery friends. Dial (931) 281-3093 if you need our landscaping service in Winchester, TN.