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Do you want to hire a professional landscaping company to increase the resale value of your home? Maybe you want to hire a mulching expert or someone to remove the unsightly stump on your property? Whatever the case may be, Premium Ground Worx is the company you can trust. We are conveniently based in Winchester, TN.

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A lovely yard can boost a person’s mental health. You may feel anxious if your yard is overgrown with plants and leaves. However, returning home to a lovely landscape can provide a sense of serenity and satisfaction. The grass is a natural air cleanser, so in addition to promoting mental wellness, greenery can help with other health factors, such as producing more oxygen.

Land Clearing

Land Clearing
A more stable environment is good for the ecology and the current ecosystems, which is why clearing land can be beneficial. Weeds, bushes, and other vegetation can easily take over a neglected lot. It’s tough for any plant to thrive when there are so many others vying for the same nutrients. Removing dead or overgrown vegetation benefits the remaining plants by allowing them better access to water, sunlight, and other nutrients they require to flourish.


Mulch is offered in various hues and textures. Mulch consists solely of fallen leaves and other plant debris. As garden mulch, compost, wood chips, decaying manure, cardboard, and even seaweed can be used. We only recently discovered the economic and environmental benefits of mulch over the long term. Mulching produces waste that is rich in microorganisms, which benefits soil microorganisms by reducing soil compaction and promoting plant health.

Lawn Cleanup

Lawn Cleanup
March is the month when many people begin their annual spring cleaning. This may involve decluttering or vacuuming everything twice. Why not include “spring yard cleanup” in your annual spring cleaning schedule? In addition to the obvious advantage of preparing your mower for the summer months, there are countless others.

Land Reclamation

Land Reclamation
Simply put, land reclamation is the process of reclaiming land from bodies of water such as the ocean, lakes, and riverbeds. Typically, land reclamation occurs in coastal regions, with projects ranging from small local extensions of quays and berths to the creation of offshore islands. New land is formed through a natural process involving areas filled with soil or sand (such as lakes or riverbeds).

Farm Fence Installation

Farm Fence Installation
Utilizing livestock fencing will facilitate the area’s organization and security. It will also allow you to access your animals without spending additional time caring for them. It can prevent the animals from entering restricted areas. Your other crop production will also benefit from having a good fence. Fencing will prevent animals from entering the vegetation area, thereby fostering the growth of your crops.

Stump Removal

Stump Removal
The presence of tree stumps poses safety risks. They can be a tripping hazard, for instance, for those who must walk across your yard or for children playing on the grass. A neglected stump, even a small one, can cause damage to a vehicle if it is driven over while on the lawn. The riskiness of the stump increases if it is concealed by tall grass or other landscaping features.

The Benefits

There are some reasons why it is preferable to work with someone when designing a garden for your home, as opposed to doing it alone. You may have your own reasons for not doing so, such as a lack of time (to start or maintain) or gardening skills, but you still want to enhance the beauty of your green space. Regardless of the reason, there is no doubt that using a front yard landscaping service is beneficial. An experienced contract landscaper would have the necessary experience to complete the task on your behalf. They would be sufficiently equipped and staffed to complete the task efficiently and on schedule. In addition, they will be familiar with virtually all aspects of your lawn and gardening needs.

How We Work

We provide our clients with professional mulching services & more, using only high-quality equipment, products, and a lot of precision. We work hard to fully meet the unique requirements of our customers. Become one of them today!

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Now that you know more about what we offer, how we do it, and why getting our quality landscaping services is the right thing to do, perhaps you also want to know the locations we serve. They are:

  • Decherd, TN
  • Tullahoma, TN
  • Manchester, TN
  • Lynchburg Moore County Metropolitan Government
  • Tennessee, TN
  • Sewanee, TN

Are you looking for a reliable company that offers reliable landscaping service in Winchester, TN? Premium Ground Worx is the one you should choose for the job. Contact us today!

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by Chris Toney on Premium Ground Worx
Pasture clearing

They did an incredible job clearing a severly overgrown pasture of small trees, briars etc. Thank you all.

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